Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars, not washing them; that is where we come in. 

Why should your car dealership partner with Rocky Mountain Car Wash?

For your customer:

✓ We give your dealership a discount for buying bulk amounts of washcards to give to your customers (give a washcard with an oil change, service, or purchasing a new vehicle)

✓ By giving your customer a washcard, you are giving them something of value. Our prepaid washcards are rechargeable, reusable, and can be registered online. Your customer receives a 10% bonus with every recharge! Rocky Mountain Car Wash washcards never expire!

✓ With 8 locations throughout the state, your customer is not limited to using our washcard in one area! We serve western, central, and northern Wyoming with our 8 locations!

For the dealership:

Most large car dealerships have an automatic bay on-site. But the problem the dealerships face is that automatic bays require so much maintenance, equipment upkeep, etc; this leads to the bay being unavailable for use frequently. Car dealerships are not in the business of maintaining car wash equipment, let alone car washing in general! So this is where we come in.


✓ Our fleet account program allows your car dealership to wash new/used/lot vehicles at any time with the convenience of our fleet card! Apply for our fleet program HERE.

✓ If the fleet program doesn't sound like it would work for your dealership, we will work with you on arranging a prepaid type of setup with prepaid cards that you can use at your convenience to wash the lot vehicles!

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If your dealership is interested in getting involved in one of our Car Dealership Programs, fill out the form below!

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