8 locations throughout Wyoming... and still counting.

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Pinedale Carwash

Powell, WY NOW OPEN!!!!

Our Powell location is our first location in northern Wyoming. Nestled just east of Yellowstone National Park and just south of the Wyoming/Montana border, we are so thrilled to be serving a new area of Wyoming! This wash is very similar to our East Casper location and boasts the newest of the IQ Touch Free & Soft Touch technology for the automatic washes (yes, FREE vacuums included)!

Manager: Eric Pearson 307-254-5085

574 S. Cedarwood Drive - Powell WY 82435  - 307-764-3617 - rockymtnpowell@gmail.com

Casper, WY- East 2nd St.

Our East Casper location now allows us to serve both sides of Casper. This location boasts new Soft Touch Automatic technology from D&S Manufacturing, along with a Touch Free Automatic and 4 self-serve bays. This wash is our first car wash with FREE vacuums. WE ARE NOW OPEN!

Manager: Gage Jakobsen 307-231-9712

5175 Pay It Forward Dr.- Casper WY 82609 - 307-337-1598 -rockymtncasper@gmail.com 


Douglas, WY

Just south of Casper, is the small town of Douglas. Douglas hosts the state fair every year, is a busy oil & gas town, and has great outdoor activity opportunities. Our wash in Douglas is on the main drag of 4th Street, and is conveniently located for your drive in, drive out luxury. Containing new automatic wash technology, it has 2 automatics, 4 self-serve bays, and 4 vacuums.

Manager: Amanda Douglass 307-298-7390


801 S. 4th St.- Douglas WY 82633 - 307-358-1010- rockymtndouglas@gmail.com


Casper, WY- CY Avenue 

Our first car wash in Casper, WY and our first wash debuting a new era of Rocky Mountain Car Wash. This wash is situated on the busiest street in Casper, CY Avenue. This wash contains 2 automatic bays, 3 self-serves, and 4 vacuums with new state-of-the-art equipment. With the most passionate car wash staff around, let our car wash manager or attendant help you with any car wash questions you may have.

Let the blue wave monument sign guide you to all of your car washing needs while you are on your way to grab the groceries!

Manager - Stephen Andersen 307-262-9838


2839 CY Ave - Casper WY 82604 - 307-265-2107- rockymtncy@gmail.com


Riverton, WY- W. Main

Our second car wash in Riverton, WY. This car wash serves the other side of Riverton, in comparison to our North Federal car wash. The W. Main wash has one automatic and 3 self-serve bays, along with 3 vacuums. We are proud to serve both ends of Riverton!

Manager: Eric Gladman 307-851-1753


926 W. Main - Riverton WY 82501 - 307-856-2434 - rockymtnwestmain@gmail.com


Green River, WY

Located in southwest Wyoming, lies our Green River car wash location. Green River is directly west of the busy city of Rock Springs, WY by only 10 miles and is a major outdoor recreational area. Our Green River location is main street frontage, right off Uinta Drive. Rocky Mountain Car Wash is one of the first businesses right when you pull into town! With 2 self-serve bays, 2 automatics, and 4 vacuums... we have everything a small town needs. Whether you are just passing through on the interstate or a Green River resident, come on by!

Manager: Josh Mace 307-870-6620

70 Uinta Drive - Green River WY 82935 - 307-875-5566 - rockymountaingr@gmail.com

Sunrise at the Wash.jpg

Riverton, WY- N. Federal

Our "Taj Mahal". The North Federal Ave. location in Riverton was our first wash built in Riverton and to this day remains our largest wash with 2 automatics, 5 self-serves, and 6 vacuums. With this centrally located carwash right on the main street drag in Riverton, you can't miss it while driving through! We are open 24 hours and our staff is on site every day willing to assist you.

Manager: Rachel Borges 307-220-3059

505 N. Federal Ave - Riverton WY 82501 - 307-856-1920 - rockymtnfederal@gmail.com

Pinedale, WY

Our "hometown wash". The Pinedale, WY location was our very first car wash which opened in 2001. Also located in Pinedale are the corporate headquarters of Rocky Mountain Car Wash. Nestled in the heart of the Wind River Range- this wash has 2 automatic bays, 5 self-serve bays, 4 vacuums, and is the only car wash with a laundromat. One of the automatic car washes was recently upgraded in October of 2017 and now has the latest D&S Car Wash equipment, the IQ 2.0 Touch Free machine!

Manager: Christa Dollar 307-231-2049

957 W. Pine Street - Pinedale WY 82941 - 307-367-3825 - rockymtnpinedale@gmail.com