Our goal is to be "The Best Car Wash in Town", in every market we serve. In all aspects of the business.


We offer self serve bays, automatic bays, & vacuums at every location.

  • Our SELF SERVE BAYS will accommodate all vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, boats, horse trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, toys, etc. They are oversize, clean, and well lit so you can even wash at all hours of the evening!

  • Our AUTOMATIC BAYS offer a wide variety of wash choices. Whether it be the good, better, or best wash...you have the option to choose which features you would like. We proudly allow duallys and certain lifted pick up trucks (depending on lift height). All of our locations offer Touch Free automatic car washes and we also offer Soft Touch (closed cell foam) washing at various locations!

  • Our VACUUMS are kept clean and are easily accessible at every location. We have attendants on site daily that pick up trash, make sure vacuum suction is optimal, and keep customers satisfied!

PRICING ranges from $4-$16 depending on what you select. 

Rocky Mountain Car Wash is open 24 hours per day EVERY DAY!

State of the Art Equipment 
Rocky Mountain Car Wash locations only use the best equipment with the latest technologies in mind. We are constantly maintaining and upgrading the equipment to provide the highest quality of wash. Currently, our automatic equipment features the latest in 2D profile scanning technology so that you get a custom wash to the specs of your vehicle!

Water & Soap 
Your vehicle is only washed with soft water and we use the highest quality soaps and waxes. We remove the minerals on-site with water softeners and water hardness is constantly monitored. All final spot free rinse water is filter through a RO unit that removes total dissolved solids. We monitor the spot free water with a monitoring technology and maintain the optimal PH balance for all of our chemicals to maximize your wash dollars spent. 

On-Site Management 
There is always an attendant or manager on-site during the day to assist customers with change, questions, or a quick response to any concerns. Rocky Mountain Wash personnel can also assist customers with setting up a business account with our WashCard program. 

Payment Convenience
Rocky Mountain Car Wash supports all types of payment methods. For your added convenience, we now have an app- Touch4Wash- that allows you to pay-by-phone! We also support all major credit/debit cards, cash, and washcard.

Clean & Bright 
All Rocky Mountain Car Wash facilities are kept to the highest standard of cleanliness for a car wash. All sites are well lit for customers who utilize the facility after dark. All bay floors are heated in the winter.

It is our goal to have "The Best Car Wash In Town" for your car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, or anything that needs to be cleaned.