We care.

While based in one of the most beautiful states, rich in tourism, outdoor activities, sight seeing, and the ever-so-popular Yellowstone National Park... we see it as our full responsibility to use soaps that are friendly to the environment. In the early years of Rocky Mountain Car Wash, when there were only three locations, the owners daughter took it upon herself to use the Rocky Mountain Car Wash soap as her science project. It wasn't her choice to do a science project, but it was her goal to solve a problem.

The Question: What brand of car wash soap is the most kind to our natural Wyoming greenery and water systems? Can we find a soap that has little to no effect when the "run-off" of Saturday car washing reaches the local landscaping? 

The Result: Hobo Soap & a 1st Place ribbon at the Wyoming State Science Fair

Rocky Mountain Car Wash got rid of all their other soaps, started using all Hobo products, and from there on out has continued to produce clean cars at no expense to the environment. 

"But that's only one way...", you say. Just wait, there's more...

Much more. Even though we have already taken it upon ourselves to offer you eco-friendly soaps, we also offer automatic car washing options that use less water and less soap. Each customer can choose their wash option, so for the water-saving-earth-lovers... here's to you. We have created the GOOD WASH to serve you at all of our locations and the Soft Touch Automatic in Casper, Powell, and Riverton which uses significantly less water. These options are best for our eco-friendly customers.

That's not it though...

As if it couldn't get any better, we also recycle our water. Boom!