Owner/Operators Mike & Sherri Irwin started Rocky Mountain Car Wash in 2001 with just one car wash in their hometown of Pinedale, Wyoming. What started out as a family business with Mike, Sherri, and their two children Taylor & Riley as the sole employees; has now grown to 8 locations with 30 employees. 

Our team at Rocky Mountain Car Wash consists of well trained customer service attendants, site managers, repairs/maintenance personnel, and the corporate office staff. Each one of our car washes have their very own trained site manager, as well as trained customer service attendants. We take pride in doing intensive training with ALL of our employees; from the car wash basics, to soap, and most importantly- customer service. 

Our team is dedicated to making the customer our #1 priority.

If you would like to know who the site manager is in your area, visit the "Our Locations" tab where you can find their name, cell phone, & email.