We offer two types of accounts, a prepaid and fleet.

Prepaid cards can be purchased at any of our locations at the washcard point of sale machine on site. The point of sale machine accepts cash or credit. 
The Benefit of Prepaid cards is that every customer that purchases a washcard receives a 10% bonus at the time of purchase. 

Example: if you purchase a $100 washcard, you actually receive a washcard with a $110 value.
$20 purchases = $22 value
$40 purchases = $44 value

FYI: A prepaid washcard must be registered online, otherwise if it is lost it cannot be replaced (our "Washcard" tab above allows you to register your card). We encourage all prepaid card holders to register their card online so that if you lose or misplace your card, we can send you a replacement card with the same value. 

Fleet cards are associated with Fleet accounts (same as business accounts). Customers may open Fleet accounts by talking to a wash manager on site or by contacting the corporate office at 307-367-7577.
The Benefit of a Fleet account is that you are invoiced for all of your usage and you can add card holders to your account for each employee. Fleet accounts allow the business to pay within 30 days.

FYI: Fleet accounts do not receive the 10% discounts like the prepaid cards, because the customer has 30 days to pay for their usage.

If you are interested in opening a fleet account for your business, download the application HERE and email it to tayirwin8@gmail.com to set it up!

Washcards can be used at all of our facilities, at all features. Self-serves, Automatics, AND vacuums.