Touch4Wash App

For the sake of our customers love of convenience, we have partnered with the app "Touch4Wash" to bring you a clean car by the push of a button!




Earn loyalty points to redeem FREE washes!

Each time you wash with the app, you earn loyalty points on your Touch4Wash account! Finally, something to reward you for being a loyal RMW customer!


Activate your wash by the touch of a button!

Instead of searching through your wallet for your washcard, cash, or credit card. Link your credit/debit card to the app and simply hit "Yes" to wash your car!


Download T4W FREE from the app store today!

Touch4Wash is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android!

Touch4Wash is currently available at ALL Rocky Mountain Car Wash locations!


Frequently Asked Questions about Touch4Wash

1. How does the app work?
Basically, the app is just another CONVENIENT way you can activate the carwash without having to roll down your window or reach into your wallet. You can simply turn the car wash on by hitting a button on your phone. First, find which car wash you are located at on the app, then choose which wash you would like to activate (autos or self serves), then activate the wash with a button when you are the next in line!


2. How do I get the app?
Download the app for FREE on the apple store for iPhone or google play for android.


3. How do I pay using the app?
When you download the app, it prompts you to enter a credit or debit card to save on the app. With that specific card, you can either purchase prepaid credit on the app (just like purchasing a prepaid washcard), or you can just activate the wash and it will automatically charge your credit card (just like swiping a credit card in the bay). You cannot sign up for the app without saving a credit or debit card to the app for payment.

4. Can I change my credit/debit card used on the app?
Yes, at any time the customer can use a different card by updating their profile.


5. How do loyalty points work? Does the customer get to choose when to use them?
When a user selects a wash to activate- the app first determines if they have enough loyalty points to start the wash, then second it looks to see if they have enough prepaid credit to start the wash, finally it uses their credit card to purchase the wash if they don't have enough loyalty points or prepaid credit.  So the customer cannot control when they get a free wash, if they have enough points on their account- it automatically gives them their FREE wash.

For example the top wash on the app is the "best" and it's $16.
The dollar amount to start this wash = $16.00
The loyalty points to start this wash = 160 points
Each time this wash is purchased the user gets 16 points.
Therefore, after the customer purchases this wash 10 times, they get the 11th wash free.


So, if the customer chooses the "better" wash.…
The dollar amount to start "better" is: $14
Each time this wash is purchased the user gets 14 points
Loyalty points to start this wash: 140 (10 of the $14 washes)


So if a customer purchases a "best" wash one day and a "better" wash the next day, they will have accumulated 30 points. 


Let’s say a customer accrues up to 160 points. If they select the "better" wash, it would see that they have enough loyalty points to start the wash. So it would automatically give them a "loyalty wash" and deduct 140 points from their account to give them that free wash. They would be left with 20 loyalty points and no credit card charge because it was FREE.


This also works in the self-serve bay. The self-serve bay is slightly different though. Although it is only $4 to activate the self-serve, our typical customer uses about $8, so we give 8 loyalty points for each self-serve activation. Therefore, if a customer starts the self-serve bay with the app and it charges their card, they get 8 points. Once they get to 80 points, they get a FREE self-serve bay use.




if they have accumulated 160 points and then one day they go to wash in the self-serve- it would automatically give them a "loyalty wash" since they have enough points to activate it. So it would take 80 loyalty points off of their account and leave them with 80 loyalty points after that free self-serve wash.


6. What happens when I accidentally activate the wrong location?
Call our corporate office at 307-367-7577 and we can assist you!


7. Why should I use Touch4Wash?
Touch4Wash is the only form of payment that rewards our customers for coming back. It gives you FREE carwashes for being loyal to Rocky Mountain Car Wash! This is the only payment method that does that! Plus all new customers get $1 and every time customers invite a friend – they get $1 for each friend that joins the app.

Touch4Wash is very convenient! All you need is your phone!

8. How do I get credit for inviting friends to join the app?
On the app there is an area that says “Earn Free Washes”. Click that, enter your friends name and mobile number, and then the app sends them an invite! Once your friend downloads the app and uses the wash for the first time- you gets a $1 credit!


9. How do I use the app at a different Rocky Mountain Car Wash location?
Simple! Open the app, scroll down to the very bottom of the home screen and select “My Account”. On the “My Account” page you can click on “Locations”, then “Closest Locations”, and it will show you the closest Touch4Wash locations to you, then you can select one!


10. In the SS bay, how do I stop the wash from running and charging my card?
Open your app, open the SS bay that you were in, then hit “STOP”.